Technical rider

To speak it is necessary:
  • Availability of free XLR inputs (by the number of performing artists) in your mixing console for connecting radio systems that we bring with us
  • At the venue of the event, you must have a speaker system for the full sounding of this site (conducting an artist's performance)
  • One professional CD deck with auto-pause function or a laptop connected to your remote (or a device that reads a CD or USB drive)
  • The presence of one easily accessible free power point near the remote control for connecting a radio system
  • Also, for performing on stage, you must have two / four monitors connected to two monitor lines, all monitors must be of the same brand and with a power of at least 100 Wt each
Before the performance
1. Soundcheck in progress
2. All the equipment necessary for the performance of the collective must be switched, connected and ready to work before the start of the soundcheck!
3. Throughout the soundcheck and concert, you must have a qualified specialist who can quickly fix any technical malfunction.
During the performance
1. The scene must be clean, as free as possible, no wires in the work area are allowed!
2. All equipment must be professional and serviceable!

Household rider

  • Free parking space for one car in the event area or no further than 50 m from the entrance
  • A separate dressing room, preferably near the stage, locked with a key (the key is provided to the VERONA administrator for the duration of the band’s stay at the concert venue)
  • At the request of the artists of the collective, the following must be provided: mineral water (without gas), tea, coffee, juices, sandwiches, fruits
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