The sound of music paves the way to hearts!

Professional musicians of the Verona project perform classical and contemporary music with equal skill.

Virtuosos with violins and cello.

The main highlight of the Verona string trio is an unusual harmonious combination of instrumental music and the delightful stage skill of the soloists. The first and only string ensemble in Moscow and Russia, performing contemporary music in a sparkling authorial arrangement. This string ensemble appeared on the stage of Moscow more than ten years ago. It was then (in 2005) that a talented violinist (graduate of Moscow University, variety and jazz faculty) Vera Korsukova had a happy thought: to create a violin trio to conquer the already rich music and entertainment segment of the capital (by offering the audience an innovative electro - dance show) .

Of course, the girl understood that the violin ensembles had long since left the rank of sensations on the all-Russian stage. Among musicians of various directions, styles, levels of skill and ambitiousness, it was easy to get lost before reaching the foot of Olympus show business.

To become noticeable and in demand, it was necessary not only to masterfully master the tools, but also carefully choose your own direction, different from others. Verona creative project manager selected soloists for the string group to meet her high requirements. Namely: professional skill, including masterly mastery of an instrument, improvisation, the ability to perform on a large stage, as well as possession of charisma and beautiful external data.

The young group became the first and only string ensemble in Moscow and Russia to perform contemporary music in a sparkling authorial arrangement. For a short period of time, girls with a bright temperament, trained by Russian and European masters of music and choreography, found an audience ready to appreciate the virtuoso violin show and a brilliant repertoire. Considering all the latest musical trends, the Verona collective offers a new, original arrangement of recognized hits in string performance. It is curious that before the appearance of Verona Violin in Moscow there were no such groups. Girls play popular compositions by Elton John, Zemfira, Muse, Bon Jovy, Jamiroquai, Beyonce, Adele, Lady Gagi, Sia and other recognized musicians. At the request of the organizers, they undertake the performance of works on an individual request. (presentation format depends on the structure of the event). In total, the ensemble has three proven activities, including a bright instrumental electric show. Classical, rock, and pop music coexist perfectly in the show. Using dynamic choreography, emphasized by a variety of stage costumes, the girls create an incendiary atmosphere at large-scale events. Along with groovy dance numbers, viewers enjoy the mesmerizing, lively sound of elegant power tools.

Another format is an acoustic string trio (quartet, duet, solo), which impresses lovers of romantic music. The musicians accompany the bride and groom on the exit registration of marriage, give solemn status to the meeting of the guests, create an exquisite musical background of the evening. Taking into account the wishes of the newlyweds, the girls fully build the musical concept of the celebration. The whole ceremony is accompanied by precisely those compositions that the bridegroom, bride and guests want to hear. The acoustic string composition can always be supplemented with a percussion instrument (cajon), which will create the desired rhythm and add drive compositions, make the program more interesting, closer to the modern listener.

In the third format, the title role is given to the string trio of power tools. Stylish and elegant stage images, a music program from recognized world masterpieces are the best suited for musical accompaniment of VIP events. However, the violinists and cellist Verona harmoniously fit into almost any outline of the holiday (they feel its atmosphere well, are able to rebuild on the go, make a fresh note in the course of the event). This helps the acquired sense of elbow, strengthened over the years of the group’s existence.

A striking component of a beautiful string ensemble is their stage costumes. Long-haired, fragile girls with slim figures attract attention not only with honed choreography, but also with modern, stylish looks created with the help of magnificent outfits. From classic dresses to the floor, to little black dresses in the style of Coco Chanel. During the show, violinists change outfits (depending on the piece of music performed). Before the amazed spectators, there are either air fairies, gently waving their bows, or impudent, passionate divas, mesmerizing with synchronous movements, then romantic, dreamy ladies, caressing their ears with pleasant melodies.

Today, a string group that can easily be transformed into a violin duo, trio, quartet or violin solo is known to a wide audience as a group called Verona Music Project. Professional musicians are a real decoration of high-level events, family and corporate events.

The persistence and focus with which the girls declared themselves can only be envied! Their violins sounded the musical background at the Jewelry Star 2012 award ceremony.

Classical and modern stringed music graced international exhibitions at the Crocus Expo International Exhibition Center, the Crystal Butterfly Awards Ceremony at the Lenkom Theater, Public Recognition at the Et Cetera Theater, Dior fashion shows and many other public events.

From corporate events to popular television programs!

Over time, the Verona musical project has evolved, and now can present to the public not only violin compositions, but also musicians of various styles and directions: saxophonists, pianists, accordion duets, and most importantly - a symphony-jazz orchestra, which quite often can be seen on television programs of the channel "Russia-1", "NTV", "STS" as well as in a number of films.

Sympho - Jazz Orchestra
Verona Music Project

Musicians of various styles and directions: saxophonists, pianists, accordion duo and many others!

Our performances

A saxophonist for a holiday, performing famous classics in the author's arrangement and popular hits of the 80s, which are impossible to sit under, create an incendiary atmosphere of fun, will remain in memory a bright, memorable moment.

A real explosion of emotions will cause the invited duet of the pianist and saxophonist to the corporate party. On the various melodies of the duet, you can build the entire solemn part of the collective holiday (congratulatory speeches, presentation of prizes, awards, prizes, etc.). The masterly performance of musical hits can be made a separate part of the concert block, or included in the script as sparkling, fiery moments of a dance and entertainment program.

Selected melodies performed by the violinist as musical congratulations to distinguished employees are very touching.

Verona Music Project will emphasize the special features of your event! All members of the collective graduated from the best music universities in Moscow. Verona Music Project is a professional musical accompaniment for weddings, presentations, corporate events, anniversaries, as well as an unusual musical gift.

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